Jessica and Adam ate breakfast together and talked about their plans for the park. Adam had made her favorite, french toast from scratch. It was just finally starting to get cold for the season, so they bundled up, put the leash on the dog, and began the short walk to the park.

There, Jessica must have tried every new toy on the playground. It was a busy morning in the park. Runners were running around the track. A few dedicated fishermen had their poles bobbing in the lake in the distance. A lot of other parents had taken their kids to the playground. Kites were in the air, and frisbees were flying back and forth. Everyone was trying to take advantage of the weather before it got too cold.


Off in the distance, Adam saw a familiar figure. He caught sight of his coworker, Hudson. He went over to say hello. Hudson had a little boy that was just about the same age as Jessica, and the fathers watched and made small talk as their kids explored the new playground.

The fathers talked about their plans for the rest of the day. Hudson was going to the farmer’s market downtown to pick out ingredients for the soup he was going to make that evening. He was also thinking about taking a bike ride with his wife. He had just started a new book and was excited to make progress on it. Adam, on the other hand, was going to write a new song on his guitar. He wanted to see if Anna, his wife, wanted to go to happy hour later. And, of course, he wanted to get at least a few episodes in on Netflix of his most recent binge show.

Finally, the kids seemed to be getting bored. Adam wanted to head home.

“See you at work tomorrow, Mullen!” Hudson joked as they departed.

What do you want to do first?

Write a new song!

Binge Netflix!